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“Combine the Magical Power of Intentions
and the Wisdom & Healing Energies of Crystals
to Create Miracles and Healing Within YOU”


Join Mary A. Hall and Jo Lynn Hawthorne for this 21-Day Journey that will revolutionize
how you exist in the world and in your life. YOU will NEVER be the same again!

Mary Hall -Jo Lynn Hawthorne -Beloved Light

From the Desk of Mary A. Hall & Jo Lynn Hawthorne

Dear Precious One,

We know how valuable and precious your time is and how one more thing can feel like too much! We also know that life sometimes just feels overwhelming and even down right hard. What if there is an easier way to experience more ease and peace in your life? What if what we are about to share with you could be that missing piece.

From the bottom of our heart we are truly honored to share with you a journey we embarked on together that has and is continually, changing our lives.

Let us share our story… As you may have heard, Jo Lynn was lead to purchase a very large and beautiful quartz crystal cluster (a boasting 2 feet long by 15 inches wide and 12 inches tall masterpiece), in the beginning of 2012. This cluster was lovingly named “Beloved Light”. With this purchase, Jo Lynn embarked on a journey of awakening to what this ‘Beloved Light’ crystal cluster began revealing to her, that is rapidly becoming nothing short of a miracle.

Within months she was being intuitively lead by ‘Beloved Light’ to start creating Crystal Grids from an inner space of deep knowing within her. Within each Crystal Grid creation, a portal of wisdom and information opened up to her that connected her within to her deep inner knowing of her divinity as a Being of Love and Light (that is intrinsic to all of us), that absolutely astonished her. With this deep inner knowing and connection, Intentions started to spring forth into her consciousness that she carried with her throughout her day.

As this journey unfolded she began sharing with Mary the Crystal Grids and the coupled Intentions and expounding on how her life was drastically changing as a result of doing this Crystal Grids DAILY. She became consciously awake to everyone being a Divine Being of Love and Light. Her world radically changed in a miraculous way. Everything in her life had greater flow and ease… with peace and a calm that she had never experience to that degree before.

As a medical doctor, Jo Lynn began seeing her patients with NEW EYES. Her level of clarity, kindness and decisiveness expanded exponentially, and all because she DAILY added this one easy step of pondering a Crystal Grid and its Intention each morning.

As Mary began receiving the Crystal Grids and its coupled intuitively inspired Intention from Jo Lynn, she too began to notice the heightened clarity and deepened awareness of her Divinity as well as the universal Divine support — ready and willing to pour for their support if we but just say yes.

As we BOTH shared with each other our experiences with these Crystal Grids and the coupled Intentions… we could no longer keep quiet. We had to find a way to share this miraculous adventure with all who are willing to take the daily challenge, to alter and change their way of interacting and existing within the world… into something that words alone have a hard time conveying, the length, width and depth of knowing yourself as a precious, beautiful, Divine Being of Love and Light that awaits all those who say YES!

And so this 21 Days of Healing Wisdom with Crystal Grids has been born — to offer you an opportunity to join with us as together we step into this amazing portal – this crevice that exists between our current reality – and the possibilities & magic that exists through the portal of crystal grids.

We hope you will join us on this journey together for 21 Days. It will be the most memorable 21 Days you will ever experience.

In Love & Light,

Mary A. Hall & Jo Lynn Hawthorne

“Are You Ready…
to Connect to the Miracles and Healing Within YOU
and Begin Experiencing YOUR Miraculous Life”


This could be what you have been looking for…

Have you ever wondered why life seems hard and diffult at times? Do you want to experience
more contentment, joy and peace in your life? What if there is a simple way to help you tap into the
power and love that already resides in you, YOUR true essence within. This inner essence that carries all
your answers and guidance needed to open your heart to inner peace with a calm assurance of knowing
you are intrinsically supported by the Divine at fundamental level that you didn’t know existed.

What if by experiencing this deep awareness of who you truly are as a spiritual being here
having a human adventure, will open you to miracles and healing on multiple levels.



Experience the Wisdom, Healing and Information

from Beloved Light… and the portal created as
you connect with the crystals in the grids

Beloved Light provides a regal entrance into the spaciousness of experiencing all that you are. Her ancient universal wisdom will reach the depths of your heart and resonate throughout your being. As you connect to the crystals in the grids each day, life will open into new awareness and greater ease. You will remember your divinity and your own magnificence will reflect back to you. When that happens, you are filled with awe and the world becomes a magical place of grace, ease, miracles, and a knowing whatever ‘appears’ is RIGHT in this moment and is the perfect next step for our greatest unfolding. This is a place of true healing, which is really remembering who you truly are – A Divine Being of love and light.


Experience the Power of the Group Energy

as we come together… the field of possibilities are amplified

What’s more – is that this sacred portal is even further amplified by the dynamic energy of the
group consciousness that forms with each individual who says YES by choosing to join us!

The compounding effect of the deep ancient wisdom of the crystals being further amplified by the sacred energy
of the group consciousness creates this profoundly powerful force – which is a unique energetic matrix of it’s own -
- something completely unique that has never before been experienced!

And what we have ‘received’ from Beloved Light is that each individual who does say YES by choosing to join us
is contributing to this group consciousness – contouring the energy and portal that will be created – and thus will
be perfectly designed for YOU – supporting whatever is ‘up’

Imagine experiencing the dynamic power of group energy. Remember when you were at a concert with hundreds
of people and felt the energy not only of the performers but of the audience! Powerful, shifting and transforming energy is what you will experience when we come together as a group. As a group we are going to explore the
daily grid, live the daily grid and embody the daily BEING a Divine Being of Love and Light! Together we will
become like a group grid, amplifying and magnifying the reality of BEING a Divine Being of Love and Light.
This amplification and magnification will ignite a light within group that will vanquish
the darkness in the 3-D world around us.

WOW, I can’t even imagine what this will bring about in each of our lives as we combine all of the
energies of a very large group and start to shine. The light of who we truly ARE.


How we know this process will work for YOU!

Jo Lynn and Mary have been ‘receiving’ and following guidance from ‘Beloved Light’ (the beautiful crystal quartz cluster mentioned above) for over a year. Each time they connect into the energy and wisdom of ‘Beloved Light’, they receive very clear and succinct direction and guidance. And each time they follow this direction and guidance, miracles happen…. Each and every time.

For the last few months the direction they have been ‘receiving’ from Beloved Light is that they have an extremely sacred opportunity to create a community who will gather daily for 21 Days – and who will together access the amazing power and wisdom of these crystal grid intentions.

You see, what happens when we tap into the profound ancient wisdom of crystals, is that a deep energetic crevice is cracked opened — a sacred portal through which we have immediate, clear and succinct access to the energy, information, wisdom and guidance that can often allude us in the routine of our daily lives.





What you will experience daily…

as you connect with the daily intention and the
magical crystalline power in the grids





When intention and attention dance together, miracles happen. Everything in physical form
starts from an unseen thought intending to create. We call it an intention. When we focus
our attention on the intention with joy and gratitude, the physical form and manifestation
is naturally and gracefully born.

Crystal grids offer us powerful support in the creation process. They hold your intentions through the design of the grid. The crystals serve as high-vibrating physical amplifiers of attention that call in and bring forth all sorts of unexpected ideas, support and anything that could perfectly deliver the essence of exactly what you are intending to create.

Intention is the genesis of all creative power. Once intention is combined with attention and focus, your creative abilities become limitless. You will experience the power of the crystals coming together in a grid to amplify their frequencies thus creating this magic portal that connect to realms which allow easy creation of abundance in all areas of your life.

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.

You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.

~ Deepak Chopra




Who would you be without all of the labels you give yourself? Would you not love freely, and
live spontaneously, compassionately embracing all of who you are? Would you not breathe
deeply, manifest with certainty, and cherish your connection to everything, honoring all?

Imagine stepping into the knowing you are not what you have labeled yourself to be. And that all those labels drop from you like old garments because as you hold an ancient precious crystal, you see yourself and remember – you are the same wisdom, love, clarity and beauty of that crystal. It is mirroring back the essence of YOU.


You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality. Thus with certainty… Our intentions creates our reality.

Once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious, you will automatically become a being who can create a miracle.

~ Wayne Dyer – The Power of Intention




In stillness, we hear the voice of wisdom. In stillness, we feel deep inner peace. Can you
imagine moments, once every day in quietude where you become witness to unsurpassed
beauty, appreciating your divine reflection and feeling your divinity? How rich would each
day begin in this golden silence where the whisper to your soul is that ‘all is well’?

During these 21 days you will be learning a 3 step process which will allow you to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace. The subtle and yet powerful process will become a daily practice during the 21 days and will bring you into a place of “Being” that is the key to opening all the doors to wisdom and healing. You will experience the wonderful healing of Love and Light as you reflect daily on what really IS.

Develop mindfulness in your daily life… the practice of bringing heightened, nonjudgmental awareness into the present moment.

Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real… The mose essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.

~ Lynn Mc Taggart – The Intention Experiment




You will be stepping into a magical field and portal of endless possibilities. As you let go of
the “thinking” mind, freedom appears and you “feel” that “ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.” With
ease and grace you will experience letting go of your limited mind. You will see that it is
easy, if you just allow.

Infinite possibilities swirl around us continually. What if we moved from the possibilities we ‘see’ now, and open to an unknown field that is just beyond? You know what you want. You’ve tried everything. You have imagined, scripted and lived in ‘do’ ‘do’ land and it is not working. In the field beyond, is a portal of possibilities where the crystal grids will clarify exactly what you’re calling in and create a matching frequency, only amplified. It would be the difference of a megaphone to a microphone…that much clearer, reaching that much further.

In the instant of our first breath, we are infused with the single greatest force in the universe–the power to translate the possibilities of our minds into the reality of our world.

…acceptance of such an awesome power and our knowing that we are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.

~ Gregg Braden – Spontaneous Healing of Belief




The crystals and stones are going to provide the healing space for you to take this next
wonderful step. As you do you will find yourself in flow within a magical place where –
“miracles follow miracles and wonders never cease.” And will find yourself in a place of
deep appreciation and gratitude for the perfect day that you have CREATED!

By daily interaction with the crystals DEEP profound HEALING will take place. Healing is really about bringing you into harmony with who you truly ARE!! AS you learn to recognize and to acknowledge who you are, many layers of who you are not start to fall away. The LOVE you are will start to nourish you, just as the rain nourishes the earth.
As you respond to the crystals, your Heart will be awakened to who it really IS. As you step through the portal that the crystals create you will come to KNOW on a deep practical level, an experiential level what each of these words means – Divine Being – Love – Light.

LEO 02-Cropped

“The Mineral Kingdom offers a way for us to explore the wisdom of nature through being present with Crystals, Gems and Minerals, while paying attention to what the experience evokes in us.

Crystals and Minerals occur naturally around the world, they offer us an infinite mulitude of healing energies, and vibrational frequencies, when worked with consciously.

For over 20 years I have been ‘feeling’ my way through the entire Crystal world, getting to know hundreds of varieties of stones. The journey has led to co-creating gem essences, working with crystal grids and gemstone layouts for personal and planetary awakening, teaching classes, and founding a crystal healing school called Crystal Sun Academy. I feel that the mineral kingdom in all of it’s beauty and diversity, helps me to stay in tune with the natural world, and what is most important in life.”

~ Leo McFee – Manager at Heaven and Earth Jewelry



What you will receive…

You are about to step through a portal that will forever change you.



Join as Jo Lynn shares her collection of writings, daily grids and intentions that Beloved Light has shared with her. Beloved Light will gently guide and teach you how to live as a Divine Being of Love and Light. You are invited to join us in experiencing the miraculous.

In these consecutive 21 days straight, you get to play in the power of your heart. It will be simple. Breathe deeply, relax your mind, feel and become aware of your vast magnificent divinity- (the you, that you really are), bow in gratitude, gently, easily open and receive rich, rich blessings.



Each day you will receive breath-taking images of a new beautiful crystal grid designed with intention. These images are filled with the exact frequency as if the crystals were set before you. You have access to print these images also. From your heart speak your intention into them and then let go. It is done. Every time you look at the crystal grid image, you will remember your intention and every time the crystals will infuse more power into the creation of your daily intention.



Each day you will receive an intention for the day. These are the intentions that were given by Beloved Light to gently give us guidance for the journey as we start living the reality of being Divine Beings of love and light. Each of these intentions is coupled with a brief writing expanding on the intention for the day.

Each daily intention holds you up as a divine being, of Light and of Love. As you speak the new intention into the crystal grid, the power of Love will fill your being. You will understand in a deeper level the reality that what your heart’s real desire is already being orchestrated from a vantage point way beyond your mind.



Every morning you’ll wake up to a crystal grid slideshow of the day. These images, moving gracefully in and out, will fill you with awe, amplifying your intention to the heavens. You will know you are divine, connected and one with such beauty, power and grace.



Each morning we will be connecting LIVE and briefly share what we noticed, because life is about ‘noticing’. The more we simply notice… ourselves, our inner heart beat, the crystals and even our surroundings, the more we become aware of the deeper dimension and color we receive in life. The more we receive, the richer we become.

The powerful part of this is that as a group we are going to explore the daily grid, live the daily grid and embody the daily BEING a Divine Being of Love and Light! Together we will become as a group a grid, amplifying and magnifying the reality of BEING a Divine Being of Love and Light. This amplification and magnification will ignite a light within group that will vanquish the darkness in the 3-D world around us.
WOW,we can’t even imagine what this will bring about in each of our lives as we combine all of the energies of a very large group and start to shine. The light of who we truly ARE.

NOTE: If you are not able to make the LIVE calls, no worries. All of the calls will be recorded so you will have access 24/7 to listen and re-listen as you are lead.




In these calls we will connect once a week for 75 mins to dive more into content and to fully supported during our 21 days together. These calls include direct messages from Beloved Light, support and insights from Mary and Jo Lynn and a time for you to share your experiences and finally, everyone will receive a divine infusion of Love that will magnificently increase the frequency of your intentions.



You will receive 3 Crystal Girds. These are the Crystal Girds we have called “Your customizable grids”. These grids you can put your own intention into and create what you desire in your life – abundance, health, life purpose, new job, whatever. Remember you are the creator of your reality. So start creating it on purpose and by design. See what wonderful things you can bring into YOUR life by setting intentions in these “customizable grids.”




- The FIRST 75 SIGN-UPS will receive an ‘EXTRA BONUS’ of
a set of 30 Crystal Stones shipped directly to you -

Receive your very OWN CRYSTAL STONES to set Intentions



There will be 30 stones in all, enough to create wonderful grids. These small raw stones provide the fun opportunity for you to create several personal grids from your very own creative juices and match to your intentions. The semi-precious stones are: crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, Herkimer diamonds, aquamarine, and pyrite all are sparkling with beauty and high frequencies.

In the last class we are going to discuss how to create grids, so you will find these lovely stones very helpful. If you are not in the first 75 to register, no worries, we will discuss in the third class what you can do to start your own collection.





Stones- Scattered-REV1

DATES: Begins March 1st through the 21st, 2013


- Limited Seating -





We still HAVE 35 Sets available!
Register now for your BONUS Set of 30 Crystals & Stones
shipped directly to YOU…